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How to get reviews

Select a package to suit

Select the right package for your business, according to volumes of emails and reviews you envisage to send/receive each month ; select a Silver, Gold or Platinum package or a bespoke package if you anticipate sending more than 6000 emails or receiving more than 1200 reviews monthly. Each package comes with an impressive range of digital marketing tools and a full list is available by clicking here. Packages start at just £30 per month plus UK VAT at 20% and can be paid monthly or save 2 months subscription by signing up for 1 year.

 Register your company details

You will then need to register your details with us. We will need the company contacts you wish to nominate for both managing your iTrust account and for any consumer contact you have via our consumer directory . We will also need a brief description of your business and products which will appear in the consumer directory along with your company logo and link to your website. At this point you will nominate the market sector you belong to. Accounts are set up and paid for online by clicking new user sign up from the homepage.

Add your additional market research questions

With iTrust-reviews you have 5 market sector questions which are already established and will dictate your iWidget score plus 5 further optional questions to be rated from1 to 10, which you can add to find out more from your consumers and their experience with your company. Remember with iTrust, only consumers who have experienced your product or service have access to review your business. You control the reviewers though they can request a review which they need to validate with proof of purchase.

Upload your email database to our secure server and hit send !

Once you have set up an account and logged into our site you will have access to your secure database area where you can upload individual email contacts or a complete database; a branded invitation to complete your questionnaire will be sent from our server by you when and as often as you wish. Note each package allows a different volume of emails and reviews to be sent monthly.

On receipt your consumers will log in via the link provided on the email they have received and their comments will be posted and viewable via the iWidget. A safe guard is in place to help you monitor any poor reviews which are posted, this is done by means of a email alert to a dedicated member of your team. The safe guard allows you 72 hours to resolve a dispute before a review is posted.

Review your feedback and statistics via your secure login and watch your business grow.

When you login to your account you will see the reviews that have been posted and by whom. You may comment as you see fit, look at analyses of your questions through a selection of helpful graphs and charts and start to enjoy the benefits to your business of the testimonials and feedback given by your consumers.

Collect off line reviews with our unique iTrust QR code tool

Every new account opened is offered a QR reader code exclusive to their business – this is generated in our system and is unique to your business. This code therefore can be used on stationary , till receipts, or publicity material. And to get you started we will provide you with 250 cards to give to your off line customers, who you see in person, and do not have their email address. In turn you will accumulate email addresses for every off line customer who gives you a review.